We are very proud to offer our customers made-from-scratch cupcakes using only the freshest ingredients.  With over 175 flavors, we are sure to have something for you!  Check out pictures of our cupcakes on Instagram

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Made-from-scratch Cheesecakes


Coffee & Specialty Drinks

What goes great with your favorite cupcake?  Our locally roasted and freshly brewed coffee and espresso from Boquete mountain coffee in Charlotte, NC.  We even created our very own house blend!  We offer a wide variety of specialtly hot and cold coffee drinks, as well as non-coffee drinks such as italian sodas, steamers and Chai.  A little something for everyone!



This special treat was created when the owner's husband was playing around with a left over cupcake at home and decided to add milk and ice cream.  Mònica said "NOOOO! don't do it!"....thank goodness he didn't listen.  With the perfect blend of cake and ice cream, and being able to customize your shake choosing from any cupcake in the case, the Splattyshake has very quickly become a favorite choice among many.


Party in a cup/cone


"Party in a cup" is the perfect way to describe this sweet combo of cake and ice cream!  It's a party in your mouth for sure!  You can now customize your "party in a cup" by picking any cupcake in the case and adding a scoop of ice cream in the middle!  We have just recently added a "party in a cone" option to our menu, using the same concept of layering cake and ice cream, but in a waffle cone.  WHAT!?


All of our Gourmet popsicles are made from fresh fruit in our store.  We have a wide variety of flavors, and with less than a teaspoon of sugar per popsicle, these guys are a healthy option and extremely popular among customers trying to cut out some of their sugar intake.